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CSR Events

CSR Events

Croydon Commitment works in partnership with our business members to support local charities, community and voluntary organisations and schools.
There are many projects that you can get involved with including:

  • Makeover/refurbishment 

  • Business Skills Training for charities and volunteers 

  • Environmental projects 

  • Youth Engagement, Mentoring and Corporate Open Door Day 

  • School Reading Programmes 

  • Donations for social benefit (e.g. used/second hand office equipment, food bank donations & Christmas Hampers for the elderly.)

Croydon Commitment can create a specialised programme of activity to fit in with your companies CSR aims and objectives – or work with your staff on projects that they want to get involved with. 

The information below features some examples of the kind of projects volunteers can and have engaged with: 

Activity Corporate Open Door Day
Who will benefit Unemployed
What‘s required To facilitate a taster day of shadowing  in a business environment and to share CV and interview advice, helping to inspire and upskill.
Frequency Full day session
Volunteers required No definitive number.


Activity First Impressions Count
Who will benefit Charity volunteers
What‘s required
Guidance on improving face to face, telephone and customer care skills
Frequency Half day session
Volunteers required 3


General Computer Skills Guidance
Who will benefit The elderly
What‘s required
Sharing IT knowledge and expertise with elderly first time internet users
Frequency Weekly/Monthly, 2 hour session
Volunteers required 6



Insight: Career Confidence  -
Employability Skills Workshop
Who will benefit Long-term unemployed and disadvataged groups.
What‘s required
‘Soft‘ employability skills training to build confidence, demonstrate the power of trnasfereable skills as well as CV reviews and sharing interview techniques.
Frequency Half day session
Volunteers required 3



Lunchtime Literacy ‘Buddy‘ Scheme
Who will benefit 6-7yr olds
What‘s required Additional coaching to improve literacy skills
Frequency Half hour sessions, once a week in term time
Volunteers required Individual




To find out more please contact us on 020 8774 3680




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