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In Croydon 4 Croydon

The In Croydon 4 Croydon Pledge is designed to help stakeholders across the business and charity sectors to work together for a better Croydon.

Croydon Commitment is urging local organsiations to sign up to the four-point pledge of support, committing them to providing ongoing support for local charities and investment in the ongoing economic and social renewal of the borough through shared corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

In Croydon 4 Croydon Pledge:

As a Croydon-based organisation we are committed to contributing to the future prosperity of the borough through the following actions:

1. Community Engagement and Support

We will encourage and recognise individual initiative and volunteering in the community at all levels to make a positive difference to Croydon through corporate social responsibility.

2. Local Procurement and Recruitment

We will aim to place social regeneration and the local economy at the heart of our procurement and recruitment processes, promoting local employment opportunities and encouraging our subcontractors to endorse this philosophy throughout their supply chain network.

3. Youth Training and Development

We are committed to promoting and sharing our knowledge, expertise and best practice for the benefit of Croydon’s youth and future workforce.

4. Promoting Croydon

We will recognise and proactively promote Croydon as a great place to work to our colleagues, suppliers and wider contacts.

The In Croydon 4 Croydon Pledge is promoted and administered by Croydon Commitment.

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